To Temporary work

We have a large pool of Temporary workers who take the work off your hands.

A1 Regulation

A1 Holland is the specialist in the field of temporary workers with A1 status.


You can hire freelancers from us for various activities, in construction technology and logistics.

Saving wage costs without affecting employees.

The A1 scheme and A1 Statement

Within the EU, a person is in principle subject to the social security legislation of the country where he works. There is one exception to this and that is the loaned employee. A loaned worker can remain insured for social security in the sending country for two years. For this, the employee must have an A1 statement. Taxes and premiums are settled in the country of origin at the applicable rates there.


Financial advantage

In general, compensation under the A1 scheme means an advantage for the employer and, if correctly applied, also a tax advantage for the employee, given the high tax burden in the Netherlands. The benefits can add up considerably.


flexible work is and remains important in our current economy.

Recruitment and selection

We have various channels for our recruitment and selection. A1 Holland has a recruitment office in Romania (RODAHR Recruitment Operations Division A1 Holland S.R.L) and a team of specialists based in the Netherlands. In this way, employees can always be found for every Job.

Coordinators who guide you

Our coordinators are at your disposal to guide the employees at your company as well as possible. We therefore work with multilingual coordinators who, in principle, speak Dutch, English, Romanian and / or Polish.

Work requires attention

We give the employee and you the same amount of attention, since not only you, but also the employee is a customer. At A1 Holland we are therefore available 25/7 to support you and the temporary worker. For example, we will be present at the location when a new employee starts.

The small and flexible entrepreneurs can start working for you as a freelancer via A1 Holland.


We supply to electrical installation companies, welders, plumbers, construction companies and painter and plasterer companies.


The employees have, among other things, VCA, the welder against it have MIG-TIG level 3, welding certificates Electrode welding (process 111) and MAG welding (process 136). To be able to carry out the work MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA welding. In addition, forklift truck certificate for completed training as an electrician.