At A1 Holland we are always looking for good staff for specific tasks.

Are you or do you want to become a temporary worker?

If you are a Temporary Employee looking for work, you can go to A1 Holland for various activities. there is always a position available, otherwise we will look for you to find the right job.


We also work with freelancers

If you are looking for an assignment as a freelancer, you can contact A1 Holland for specific assignments.



We supply employees to electrical installation companies, welding companies, plumbers, construction companies and painter-plasterer companies.



Do you have the right diplomas? if not, we can of course help you with this. The employees need the following diplomas: VCA, the welder against it have MIG-TIG level 3, welding certificates Electrode welding (process 111) and MAG welding (process 136). To be able to carry out the work MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA welding.


Recruitment and selection

You can register with us on this page if you are looking for a new challenge, or if you are looking for assignments as a freelancer.



We have a wide range of accommodation, if you want to make use of this, let us know.



A1 Holland can also provide you with transport to work.