At A1 Holland it is also possible to hire labor migrants through the Dutch system for all occurring activities in technology, logistics, construction / renovation and renovation

Coordinators who guide you

Our coordinators are available to guide the employees at your company as well as possible. We therefore work with multilingual coordinators who, in principle, speak Dutch, English, Romanian and / or Polish.

Work requires attention

We give the employee and you the same amount of attention, since not only you, but also the employee is a customer. At A1 Holland we are therefore available 25/7 to support you and the temporary worker. For example, we will be present at the location when a new employee starts.


The Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) is intended to reduce the differences between permanent and flexible work. This should make it more attractive for employers to offer people a permanent contract, while flexible work remains possible where the work requires it. The Balanced Labor Market Act has brought many changes to us, such as the transition payment, duration of the contracts and the chain scheme.

Recruitment and selection

We have various channels for our recruitment and selection. A1 Holland has a recruitment office in Romania (RODAHR Recruitment Operations Division A1 Holland S.R.L) and a team of specialists based in the Netherlands. Using the most modern recruitment through facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn is standard with us. In this way, employees can always be found for every Job.


The biggest advantage when hiring employees from outside the Netherlands is availability. The Netherlands has a very tight labor market and in many sectors we are faced with gigantic shortages of well-trained employees. Recruitment in other countries is of great importance to many Dutch companies.


We have a wide range of accommodation's, which we fill in with our partners. of course we are SNF certified, because we only work with certified housing providers.


If necessary, A1 Holland will bring employees to work and collect them again. In addition, they also use their own transport or lease cars.