At A1 Holland it is also possible to hire freelancers for specific activities.

Working with freelancers

Our recruitment and selection department also offers freelancers for various activities where you temporarily want to have specific work performed.


We supply to electrical installation companies, welders, plumbers, construction companies and painter and plasterer companies.


The employees have, among other things, VCA, the Lasser against it have MIG-TIG level 3, welding certificates Electrode welding (process 111) and MAG welding (process 136). To be able to carry out the work MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA welding.

Recruitment and selection

We have various channels for our recruitment and selection. A1 Holland has a recruitment office in Romania and a team of specialists in the office in the Netherlands. The use of the most modern recruitment through facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn is carried out by the company Maximizd. In this way, employees can always be found for every Job.


The biggest advantage when hiring employees at A1 Holland is availability. We can switch quickly to meet your needs.


We have a wide range of accommodation, which we fill in with our partners. of course we are SNF certified, because we only work with certified housing providers.


A1 Holland only works with freelancers who have their own transport.